Antioxidants and Resveratrol

Health Benefits of Concord Grapes


When we “burn” our food to give us energy, metabolic waste products are generated. Some of these wastes are called free radicals, which are unstable and can cause ongoing cellular damage, if not quenched and removed from the body. Antioxidants are quenching molecules. It is now believed that diets rich in antioxidant foods promote heart health. Concord grape juice contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants of all juices (see the USDA data below). The US National Cancer Institute, one of the US government's National Institutes of Health, has more information about antioxidants.2

antioxidant foods
Concord Grape is #2 on the ORAC chart showing antioxidant levels.

Click the following to link to read the entire study done on the USDA website.


One of the polyphenols in Concord grape juice is resveratrol. This complex carbohydrate acts both as an antioxidant and promotes cellular health. Preliminary animal studies have linked resveratrol consumption with increased life span and increased athletic performance.3,4 The National Cancer Institute has an interesting summary entitled “Red Wine and Cancer Prevention”5 that mentions resveratrol.

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